An Update on Mobile App Marketing

If you have a mobile application that you want to advertise, you are in luck. In-app advertising is undoubtedly the optimal form of advertising we have ever witnesed. Whereas traditional advertisements like print, billboards and website ads won’t produce direct results, in-app advertising does. The best type of in-app advertising for smartphone applications currently is CPI, or Cost Per Install. Cost Per Install means that you don’t pay a cent until someone actually downloads your app. There is not a single form of advertising that is as effective as CPI, no matter what your business is. PPC (Pay Per Click) ads charge you per web banner click and might send someone to your site, but they still might not purchase anything. In fact, you can spend many thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign and not make a dime. CPI, however, guarantees that your app gets downloaded or you don’t pay a cent. On top of this, the more downloads you get, the higher your app rises in the iTunes or Google Play Store, so CPI advertising is a win-win option.Find more information at mobile app marketing website

Advertising Networks-The first thing you will discover about CPI advertising is that there is a ton of ad networks available to choose from. Some are quite effective at keeping your CPI costs low. Other advertising networks can reach your exact audience. Finding the right advertising network for your app can take a few phone calls, emails, and a good deal of research, but it’s an imperative step so don’t rush through it.

Types of Ads-Ads come in three different types: static, dynamic, and video. Static ads are single images that do not change or animate. Dynamic ads are multiple static images that rotate. Video advertisements actually display a video that can play automatically or after the user hits a play button. The more dynamic an ad is, the more it will cost you and the more loyal user base it connects with. If a user is willing to watch a whole video before they download your mobile application, they are obviously your prime customer. Social media applications need video ad campaigns because their mobile application is based on users using it often and spreading the word with other people. Game apps or Utility apps just need to be downloaded once, so a static or dynamic advertisement is usually suitable. Your application category will weigh heavily on the type of advertising network you go with.

Knowing Your Competition-Even if your mobile app is the best of the best, designed flawlessly and perfectly suited for its target market, the competition will gauge how expensive your ad campaign will be. For instance, gaming apps are flooded with competition. There are so many game apps available that getting to the top 10 of your subcategory can sometimes be very costly. This is because not only is there a lot of competition, but your competitors are spending thousands and thousands of dollars per day on ad campaigns to stay up in the charts. If one application spends 10k per day to stay in the top ten, the next app has to spend more than that to stay in the top 10.